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Promovemos los negocios entre Colombia e India

India launches its first astronomy satellite, ASTROSAT, into orbit

India has sent its first ever observational space telescope, called ASTROSAT, into orbit, after a successful launch from the Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV-C30) rocket.

septiembre 29, 2015 0

Microsoft, Google scramble to COLONISE INDIA

The announcement is hot on the heels of Google’s plan to set up free public Wi-Fi coverage across 100 of the nation’s busiest train stations.

septiembre 29, 2015 0

Uber just got up to $100M from India’s Tata

Indian business giant Tata is investing up to $100 million in ride hailing app Uber as it plans to develop new products and services in India, its biggest market outside of the U.S.

agosto 26, 2015 0

Kerala, India has the world’s first solar-powered airport

The southern Indian city of Kochi is now the proud home of the world’s first solar-powered airport.

agosto 26, 2015 0

India’s Mars Orbiter captures stunning photo of solar system’s largest canyon

The world’s cheapest Mars mission has managed to capture a stunning 3D photo of the Red Planet. The beautiful image, snapped by India’s Mars Orbiter, shows part of the solar system’s largest canyon.

agosto 20, 2015 0