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Promovemos los negocios entre Colombia e India

Peru will become the commercial hub of India in Latin America

At the close of 2014, Peru has generated over $ 321 million in shipments to India, over 80% of it for mining, within the traditional export.

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Pinterest: The most beautiful brides in India rage in the network

The most beautiful brides in India rage in the network

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Foxconn will sign a million workers in India

Taiwan-based manufacturer Foxconn plans to build up to 12 new factories in India, employing nearly one million workers, by 2020, according to media reports.

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India is the fastest growing mobile app market: Yahoo

As Indian mobile app usage outpaced global app usage, mobile app usage in India grew 131 per cent, as per Yahoo’s latest report.

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British satellites set to ride Indian rocket into space

India’s Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle is set for liftoff Friday with five satellites built in Britain to look down on Earth and test a solar sail’s ability to clean up space junk.

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