Foxconn will sign a million workers in India

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Foxconn will sign a million workers in India

julio 17, 2015 Economy and Business 0

Taiwan-based manufacturer Foxconn plans to build up to 12 new factories in India, employing nearly one million workers, by 2020, according to media reports.

Foxconn CEO Terry Gou, in an interview to NDTV Gadgets, said his company plans to set up manufacturing units in India, as quickly as possible. He also stressed this would require a push from the Indian government as well.

Gou was on a tour of India, visiting New Delhi, Mumbai and Bengaluru, among other places. The Financial Times reported that Gou had announced plans to establish a fund to invest in Indian technology start-ups.

Speaking to NDTV, Gou said the response from governments, both at the Centre and state-level, was much more positive and encouraging than it was 10 years ago. “(Prime Minister Narendra) Modi has pushed for development, I like your Make in India, Skill India,” he said. “You have software, you have content, you need hardware and now Modi has made it your goal.”

Foxconn had opened its first plant in Chennai a decade ago when, Gou said, the government was not supportive enough towards manufacturing.

“Indian local (state) government is also much friendlier now,” he said. “I met with the chief ministers of three of your states, AP (Andhra Pradesh), Gujarat, and Maharashtra. (The CMs of) Gujarat and Maharashtra came to China, and saw my facilities, and they’re keen that we set up in their states. Ten years ago, government was not friendly.”

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