• The Colombia India Chamber of Commerce and Industry focuses all its efforts to offer our members excellent benefits linked to our services.
  • The Chamber activities will be made to strengthen trade relations between Colombia and India and to support the development and projection of its members.
  • Access to breakfasts, forums, conferences and events for free.
  • Counting with the lobby of the Chamber in order to establish business relationships with affiliates and non-affiliates.
  • Get a recommendation letter for the companies in Colombia and India who could be your potential customers.
  • Advice on binational trade and establishment of business contacts.
  • Access to up to date information and provide services of the company in the Chamber Web Page.
  • Cooperation in achieving business contacts, appointments and business schedules in India and Colombia.
  • Collaboration in the preparation of quotations and business schedules and meetings with CCICI members, to entrepreneurs from India who visit Colombia.
  • Finally, our affiliates have the right to elect and to be elected for the Directors Board of our organization.

Affiliation Process

Fill out the required information correctly in this application. Fields marked with [*] are required to begin the enrollment process relevant to Colombia India Chamber of Commerce and Industry, therefore, are considered mandatory.

Annual value of membership:

  • Personal: $550.000 COP
  • Small Company: $1.320.000 COP
    From 500 minimum salaries.   To  5.000 minimum salaries
  • Medium Company: $1.650.000 COP
    From  5.001  minimum salaries.  To  30.000  minimum salaries.
  • Big Company: $2.000.000 COP
    From  30.001  minimum salaries and onwards

To start, select the kind of applicant:

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