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Promovemos los negocios entre Colombia e India

Progress of India, China Should be Mutually Supportive

India provided an important base for support materials to be sent into China at a time when many transport lines were cut off.

agosto 20, 2015 0

India-EU Trade pact: Antibiotic for common cold

The move by the European Union to ban sale of around 700 generic drugs clinically tested by GVK Biosciences, has provoked India to abruptly defer talks.

agosto 11, 2015 0

Why India and ASEAN Relations Are Set to Prosper

The current economic relationship between India and ASEAN countries presents a multitude of industrial, commercial, and investment opportunities.

agosto 4, 2015 0

India’s Modi backtracks on pro-business land bill

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has agreed to drop politically unpopular clauses from a pro-business land bill.

agosto 4, 2015 0

Tubacex acquires majority of Prakash Steelage’s tube division

Prakash Steelage today said the Spanish stainless steel maker Tubacex completed acquisition of a majority 67.5 per cent stake in its seamless stainless steel tube division for over Rs 209 crore.

julio 27, 2015 0
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