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Promovemos los negocios entre Colombia e India

Swara Bhaskar wins best actress title in China

Indian film talent Swara Bhaskar has won the Best Actress award at a film festival in the capital city of Fujian province.

septiembre 29, 2015 0

No big fat Indian wedding is complete without lots of gold

There are up to 20 million weddings a year in India, and while no two relationships are the same, all will have one thing in common.

agosto 26, 2015 0

What is this ‘white henna’ trend!

Classy and elegant, it is not so much a henna, but a sticker, tattoo or body paint or glitter used to make designs on the hand and other parts of the body.

agosto 26, 2015 0

All you need to know about Sundar Pichai, Google’s first India-born CEO

India -born Sundar Pichai has been named the new chief executive of Internet-giant Google.

agosto 20, 2015 0

India Bridal Couture Week: From Russia, with love

Winter is coming, with it will come wedding festivities like no other. Celebrating the upcoming bridal season, couturier JJ Valaya presented the second part of his Bolshoi Bazaar.

agosto 11, 2015 0
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