Narendra Modi may visit Mexico in September

India and Mexico are working out dates for a possible visit by Prime Minister Narendra Modi to the north American country that has a privileged partnership with Asia’s third largest economy.

Modi has so far visited the US in September and Canada in April, with Mexico being the third country on the continent but the only one the Indian prime minister has not visited so far.

Mexican ambassador to India Melba Pria said the two countries were trying to work out dates around the time of the UN General Assembly session in September that will see Modi travelling to New York.

“The problem is with the dates, the president of Mexico is adddressing the United Nations General Assembly before Prime Minister Modi and therefore, the days that prime minister Modi initially proposed are exactly the dates that my president is at the United Nations,” Pria said. “We are trying to finalise dates after his visit (Modi’s visit) to the United Nations but it has not been confirmed,” she said.

Meanwhile, the two countries are also looking at dates for a possible visit by Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto to India next year.

Modi’s predecessor Manmohan Singh visited Mexico in 2012 for the G20 Summit in Los Cabos.

Modi had met some heads of state and goverment from Latin America during his visit to Brazil last year for the sixth summit of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa emerging economies but Mexico was not part of the group.

The Indian prime minister had met Nieto on the sidelines of the G20 meeting in Australia in November.

Bilateral trade between India and Mexico is about $7 billion in 2014 that includes crude oil imports by India. India’s exports $3.73 billion mainly comprise vehicles and auto parts, organic chemicals, electrical machinery and electronic equipment, aluminium products, readymade garments, iron and steel products. India’s imports $2.72 billion consist of crude oil, electrical goods and machinery, organic chemicals, vehicles and auto parts and iron and steel.




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