Mexichem will open new plants in the United States and India.

Mexichem said on Tuesday its Dura-Line Corporation unit opened a new manufacturing plant in Hyderabad, India, that will produce cable ducts and pressure pipes for the water, gas and telecommunications industries.

“The new plant is Mexichem’s fourth plant in India, with two other facilities located in Goa, and another in Neemrana, near Dehli,” the company said in a statement.

The new industrial complex will allow “Mexichem to strategically position itself for exports to Southeast Asia, to serve customers in South India and to capture new business opportunities in the region,” the company said.

The plant “is part of the company’s continued strategy of becoming a global, vertically integrated chemical company with a focus on high-end specialized products and solutions,” Mexichem said.

Mexichem is a leading producer of chemical and petrochemical products, operating more than 120 plants in over 30 countries and generating annual revenues of $5 billion.




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