How to start your business in India

Tal y como indica Balvinder Sirgh Powar, especializado en marketing, si quieres enfocarte al mercado indio hay que adaptarse. Y esa es la clave del triunfo de McDonalds, que ofrece un servicio a domicilio, ha quitado de su carta el cerdo y vende una experiencia familiar. Otra clave para que India sea mas que un país lejano y una realidad de negocio: explotar Internet ya que los indios tienen en el móvil todos los dispositivos tecnológicos en uno.

 This Country that is almost a continent offers to investors an open market, with its peculiarities as the protection of the retail market or the imposition of minimum land purchases or quantities. In contraposition the options that exists, make aside barriers and make India a more than possible destination for Spanish companies that are wishing to expand. There are three ways to achieve it.

As Balvinder Singh Powar indicates, specialist in marketing, if you want to focus on the Indian market you have to adapt to it. And that is the key to success of McDonalds, which offers home delivery service, has removed the pig from their menu, and sells a family experience. Another key for India to be more a business reality rather than a distant country: Using the benefits the internet offers, taking advantage that the Indians have all the techonological mobile devices in only one.

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